Project Funway 2022

Design, Sew, and Show!

Design, Sew, and Show!

If you have NO experience in sewing or you need to brush up on your skills - 
a PROJECT FUNWAY class can 
accommodate your
skill level.

2022 Summer Camp
June 13-17

Choose an AM or PM half-day OR the All-Day Camp.

AM   9a-12p PM   1p-4p All-Day   9a-4p
$350 $350 $650

Half-Day Camps are Mon-Fri; 9a-12p OR 12:30 - 3:30p.  $350


Full Day Camp  combines a morning session and an 

afternoon session, Mon-Fri, 9a to 4p.

Lunch is 12 to 1p.                                                         $650

To sign up for camp, please fill out the Registration Form (located in the 

left margin) and email it back.  To secure your place, a Registration Form 

and deposit must be received.  Thanks!



After-School Sessions 
A session is three classes per month on the dates listed below.  3:30 to 5:30p on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. $150/session.  If you want to sign up for a class or two, if there is room, I will happily accommodate. $50/class.

After-School Classes

3:30 to 5:30

Feb 2, 9, 16

Mar 2, 9, 16

Apr 5, 20, 27

May 11, 18, 25



MAY 2021 - I have ongoing classes now, so inquire what schedule might fit your need.


Gather four or more students and I shall teach to your schedule.


Gather four to 10 girls for a memorable birthday party!  Call to get pricing.

Receiving PayPal using my number, 408 605 4433.

PROJECT FUNWAY - Which class is right for you?


Want to know how to mend that pile of clothing? Put an original hem on your 

own jeans? Make a professional decorator pillow? Fix the hem on that favorite 

blouse? Sew on a button properly?


Dust off that sewing machine or use one of our machines and come learn the 

sewing basics. This class is designed for adults (and their daughters) who 

want to have “fun” while learning to sew. If your high school home economics class left you less than inspired, sign up for a PROJECT FUNWAY ADULT class to give learning to sew a new twist! This is a practical series created 

to offer practical skills and mold to what the student wants!

We will be focusing on basic sewing skills and using these skills to create a 

detailed tote bag that you would be proud to wear (or give as a gift)! 

As always, we calibrate to the skill level of individual.

Age 12+


After completing the Adult Series I, this class is designed to up your game!  

We will learn to put an original hem back on jeans, create a designer pillow 

with piping, learn how to make simple curtains, perfect an invisible zipper, 

and other gift ideas.  You may take any of the sessions and a project will 

be 'tailor-made' for your abilities, desires, and skills.

Depending on time, we will give help with altering to fit a simple commercial pattern 

you bring to class.

Age 12+


This class is geared for those students who have taken one of our basic 

classes and has a sewing machine.  We will be teaching a variety of gift 

ideas to sew and re-create for gifts.  Instructions and patterns will be 

available so the student can go home with the "know-how".  Pillows, 

aprons, cosmetic bags, jammie bottoms, ornaments, potholders, shoe bags, scarves, pillow cases, sleeping bag covers, etc, . . . too many ideas! 

I need to temper my enthusiasm!

Age 9+


If you have sewing experience and have mastered the basics, you can take 

this class.  I will help you draft an A-line or pencil skirt flat pattern and 

you will sew it in muslin so that you get the perfect fit for your body.  

Depending on time, you will be able to sew up a skirt in cotton with facing 

and/or lining, invisible zipper, and kick-pleat.  You will have the skills to 

knock out a beautifully lined skirt for the holidays - JUST YOUR SIZE!

Age 12+

Don't see a class that fits your needs?  Let me know what 

you're thinking . . .



If you are new to sewing and have not used a sewing machine before - OR - 

ifyou have taken our PROJECT FUNWAY course already and haven't sewed 

since last summer - this is the right class for you!  We will be focusing on teaching basic sewing skills as well as creating a minimum of two of 

the following:  a skirt, tote, shorts, and a decorator pillow.  We will introduce/review sewing machine basics, seam types, hemming, 

hand sewing, buttons, etc. Materials included.

School day times can be arranged for homeschoolers.  Minimum 4.

After school times can be arranged.  3:30 to 5:30.  Minimum 4.

Age 8+


If you have taken our PROJECT FUNWAY 101 class (or other equivalent 

course) AND have been practicing your sewing skills since last summer, 

you will be ready for this class!  To be successful in this intermediate class, 

you must be proficient with the basic sewing skills learned in 101 so you 

may be ready to create two of the following:  a simple dress, skirt, 

beach cover-up, tote, blouse, decorator pillow, or lap quilt based on the 

individuals skill level.  We will cover more advanced techniques including 

how to read/cut a commercial pattern, install a zipper, gathering stitches, 

darts, etc.  Materials included.

School day times can be arranged for homeschoolers.  Minimum 4.

After school times can be arranged.  3:30 to 5:30.  Minimum 4.

Age 10+


In two days, you will use a commercial sewing pattern to create a garment 

to fit!  From learning how to read a pattern, to making a fit "muslin", and

executing the proper construction of a garment - this class will be offering 

you a start-to-finish experience - one you can duplicate at home!   

Basic 101 skills are required.  

ADVANCED (301)  This class scheduled by request only.

This class is designed for proficient sewers who have the ability to read and 

follow a commercial pattern "with assistance".  We will start with a trip to 

the fabric store to pick out fabric and notions to complete a garment from 

start to finish.  This is compact session offered over 2 days (9a-4p) to 

allow for maximum learning and creativity.  The goal is to teach the skills 

needed to "sew on your own".  Materials included.

Age 12+

As always, PROJECT FUNWAY instructors calibrate the teaching 

individually; therefore, keeping each student challenged at "their" 

pace throughout the course of the week.                     




Location of Project Funway:

Our summer design sessions will be held in the guest house at 239 Forrester 
Road, Los Gatos, CA, 95032.  Only two miles from the Hwy 17 East Los Gatos 
exit, our location is easily accessed.
Get Directions To:
239 Forrester Road
Los Gatos California 95032