Project Funway 2022

Design, Sew, and Show!

Linda Raasch and Rebeca Robbins.

Linda Raasch, Owner/Director/Instructor/Clean-up Crew/Project Designer/PR Director/Web Designer/Caterer/Gardener/Covert Sewing Fairy/and a Miss Bossy Pants (when needed)!

I learned how to sew my own clothes when I was 9 years old and have since expanded my knowledge by taking many classes in pattern making and design, draping, couture, and fabrics.  Knowing how to sew has given me many opportunities to be creative, save money, make original garments, and have a life long hobby.  I always have something in the design phase!  Sharing my experience and knowledge of this art with anyone who wants to learn to sew (or improve) will be a joy for me.  Of course, working with my daughters in the past was the incentive for starting a sewing camp/class structure.  They needed a summer job and PROJECT FUNWAY was born out of necessity - 8 years ago.


Project Funway will be undoubtedly the most creatively fun way to spend a week this summer.  Our team will make it very worthwhile!

Rebeca Robbins

Friend for over 30 years, art teacher to thousands, and one of the most creative individuals you will ever know, Rebeca will be teaching with me this summer for our camps.  She will soon become the "favorite" with her energy, creativity and uplifting spirit and I am so happy to have her help.  She has sewn for many years for herself, her home, and to create beautiful gifts for her friends and family. 

"My favorite part is making the project." 
Haley, Camper

"My favorite part is the fashion show."
Katelyn, Camper
Project Funway 
is located at:
239 Forrester Road
Los Gatos, CA, 95032